What is Dementia? 10 Early Signs of Dementia

What is Dementia? 10 Early Signs of Dementia

You might be wondering what is Dementia. Dementia is the name for a group of symptoms caused by disorders that affect the brain. This is not a specific disease. People who experience dementia have problems with memory, thinking, problem-solving, language, and perception. We will show you the early signs of dementia that you need to look out for. What are the major causes and reasons why people experience dementia?

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  1. Medications – Some medication can cause you to be more sleepy and drowsy. They are anti-anxiety drugs, cholesterol drugs, anti-seizure drugs, anti-depressant drugs, Narcotic painkillers, Parkinson’s drugs, hypertension drugs, sleeping aids, incontinence drugs, and antihistamines. If you’re taking too much of these medications, it can lead you to have dementia.
  2. Depression, Anxiety, and Stress – They are the risk factors for dementia. Why? It’s because they damage the part of your brain that is involved with emotional response. Too much depression, anxiety, and stress will lead to dementia.
  3. Drinking too much of Diet Soda – Diet soda contains aspartame that is very dangerous to your health and at the same time it affects your brain. Aspartame is a very sweet substance commonly used as an artificial sweetener, chiefly in low-calorie products. It is a derivative of aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Avoid drinking too much of diet soda so you won’t get a dementia disease.
  4. Alcohol – Alcohol isn’t bad for your health if you drink it moderately. But if you drink too much alcohol, it could give you a dementia disease. It can create a blackout in your memory because your blood alcohol level rises too quickly. The side effect of taking too much alcohol consumption can also lead you to experience memory loss. Discipline yourself when it comes to drinking alcohol.

What is Dementia? 10 Early Signs of Dementia

Mood Disorder

Sometimes people who are dealing with dementia have mood swings because they are frustrated and mad by their loss of abilities. You get easily annoyed and depressed and that’s where anxiety really hits you bad. Early signs of dementia cause you to always have mentality breakdown and you don’t believe in yourself anymore. If you have a friend who is dealing with this early signs of dementia, try to be more understand them and be always patient when they’re around. If you are dealing with dementia, go seek help from your friends and family.


Sudden confusion is an early sign of having dementia. You struggle about the information you have heard. Confusion is also referred to as disorientation. What are the signs of confusion in dementia? They are:
– You struggle to remember people’s name
– You forgot important responsibilities such as paying bills in the due date, where you put the keys to your car and important events.
– You are not aware of what time is it.
– Dizziness, fast heartbeat, harder to breathe, fever, and shivering.
If you feel these early signs of dementia, go see the nearest doctor in your place. You can also seek help from your loved ones, family, and friends. Don’t hesitate to open up your feelings, just tell them how you feel.

Memory Loss

This symptom disrupts your daily life. Memory loss is a distressing part of dementia, both for the person with the condition and for the people around them. This memory loss can be the first symptom why you’re having dementia. Memory loss affects each person differently, as do all aspects of dementia. People who are dealing with memory loss found it hard to cope with their daily life. If you feel that your friends, family, and loved ones are having this symptom, try to be more understanding of them and don’t get tired of reminding things for them. That will be a great help. Be more patient if you see the early signs of dementia to them.

Delusions and Hallucination

Delusions are a false belief. Hallucination gives you the feeling of not experiencing things as they really are. Paranoia can take place as a result of delusion. It is centered around suspicions and can become a way for the person with dementia to project feelings of their fear. Paranoia can also be caused by hallucinations. That can be an early sign of dementia. Let us tell you one thing and please keep this in mind, people who are experiencing delusion and hallucination are just trying to make sense in their world. You may find it very annoying to you, but be more patient if you see the early signs of dementia to them.

They Find it Hard to Solve a Problem and Plan Things

In early signs of dementia, they find it hard to solve small problems and plan things like going to a morning exercise, cleaning things, going to the grocery, and keeping track of monthly expenses. Remember that they are trying their best to solve everything, try to explain things in a calm way and please cheer them that they will do better next time. That is the best thing you can do if you see the symptoms of dementia on them.

Lack of Concentration

Problems in attention and concentration occur in early signs of dementia. They lack concentration when they do small things especially if they are stressed and depressed, it’s hard for them to concentrate and do things resulting them to very unproductive. Try to guide and help them when you see them struggling when they are doing small tasks.

Language Problem

Sometimes its hard for them to understand things when something is said to them. Sometimes we struggle to find the right words to say, but in the early stage of dementia, they may forget simple words or change inappropriate words, making sentences difficult to understand and more complicated. Be polite to them when you are correcting them on their wrong language or words so they won’t feel down for themselves.

Difficulty Performing a Daily Task

People can also get distracted from time to time and they may forget what they are doing. A person with dementia may have trouble with all steps involved in preparing a meal, driving, cooking a meal, household chores, and managing finances inside their house.

Poor or Decreased Judgment

This early sign of dementia can mean not recognizing once-familiar places. It also becomes more difficult to follow directions and step-by-step instructions. A person on early signs dementia may have difficulty judging distance or direction when driving their car and they usually get lost.

 Abstract Thinking

Their mindset is very different and this can be an early sign of dementia for them. For example, they chose to wear a summer outfit in the winter. They thought its the right thing and best choice for them. So that is why we consider this as an early sign of dementia.

If you know someone and you see these symptoms to them, or even you, if you are dealing with these 10 early signs of dementia; You should definitely go see a doctor (neurologist and physician) because this dementia has lots of stages. It is better to have it checked as soon as possible to cure it immediately before it gets worse. The early signs of dementia is a serious thing that needs to be treated as soon as possible because it will get worst and worst time after time. There is always a cure and solution to every problem. Just like what I’ve told you earlier, try to be more patient, understanding, and polite to your friends, family, and loved ones who are dealing with dementia. Let us also raise the awareness and be more careful about our actions if we know someone who was dealing with these symptoms. They need our help and let us show some support and love for them.

That is 10 early signs of dementia that you need to look out. That is also a warning for you, avoid such things like taking too much of medications, diet soda, and alcohol so you can prevent this dementia We hope that you’ve found this article helpful to you.