What Causes Excessive Sweating? Top 10 Causes of Excessive Sweating

What Causes Excessive Sweating? Top 10 Causes of Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a bodily function that helps regulate the temperature. Apart from temperature regulation, it is also the body’s way of releasing excess fluids from the glands. An emotional state that a person is in can also cause the body to sweat. The common areas of sweating include the armpits, the face, palms of the hands, and also the soles of the feet. Sweating in normal amounts is a healthy body process and therefore not a cause for concern. Did you know that not sweating or excessive sweating can cause problems? Excessive sweating is psychologically damaging. So what causes excessive sweating?  Before answering this question, it is important to understand how sweating in your body occurs.

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How Sweating Occurs

The sweat glands in the human body are responsible for sweating. There are more than 3 million sweat glands which are classified into two broad groups. These include eccrine sweat glands and the apocrine sweat glands. The eccrine sweat glands are located in all parts of the body and produce a light odorless sweat. The apocrine sweat glands are in the hair follicles found under the armpits, the scalp, and the groin area and release a heavy fat laden sweat that has a distinctive odor. Various occurrences in the body are known to be what causes excessive sweating in these glands. The odor is as a result of apocrine sweat mixing with bacteria that is on your skin. Sweating is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Therefore, when the weather is hot or the temperature of your body rises, sweat will be released through the poles of the skin. The composition of the sweat is usually water and about 1% salt and fats. So what causes excessive sweating?  As illustrated above, normal sweating is considered health whereas excessive sweating is an indication of problems in your body. It is important to understand what could lead your body to excessive sweating. Here are the top causes of excessive sweating that you need to know about.

What Causes Excessive Sweating? Top 10 Causes of Excessive Sweating

Body Changes at Puberty Stage Causes Excessive Sweating

During one’s years of puberty, excessive sweating is common and therefore it is important for parents to provide counseling to teenagers so that they don’t feel embarrassed. Apart from understanding how to avoid the bad odor, teenagers need to understand what causes excessive sweating during the puberty stage.  The fundamental reason behind excessive sweating at puberty is the production of excess hormones during this period. Note that it is important for the body to produce the various hormones that are essential to support and control growth in your body. When this is occurring, it might lead to excessive sweating in some teenagers and could lead to unpleasant odor. Therefore, teenagers are encouraged to shower more often and stay cool as the various hormones develop.

Excessive sweating in women Experiencing Menopause

This is another stage based cause of excessive sweating that affects women. What causes excessive sweating during the menopause years? To begin with, during menopause women face excessive sweating and hot flashes and this is usually a sign that body is entering menopause stages. Doctors explain that excessive sweating is a result of changes in the estrogen levels leading to the hot flashes and excessive sweating at night. Some women will experience the hot flashes without sweating while there are others who will experience excess sweating. If you have been experiencing this, now you know what causes excessive sweating at night if you are above 45 years old.

Pregnancy Could Cause Excessive Sweating

During pregnancy, there are raging pregnancy hormones and women will also experience an increase in blood flow to various organs including the skin. These are major changes in the body that will lead to excess sweating due to increased body temperature. The progesterone levels during pregnancy are high leading to increased flow of blood to the skin. The stress of carrying more weight means more exertion by her body and causes a natural increase in body temperature. It is therefore advisable that pregnant women who experience increased temperature to wear loosely fitting clothes to keep the body cool.

Genetics Cause Excessive Sweating

Experts agree that excessive sweating could be as a result of inherited genes or caused by genes that develop in a person’s body. Studies have shown that genetics will play a major role in causing hyperhidrosis. In these studies, it was established that genetic history was responsible for excessive sweating in 50% of the patients involved in the study.

Scientists are keenly looking to possible genetics treatment that can be used as a therapeutic measure. It was discovered that a good number of the patients who shown family inherited sweating have acquired this from the mother’s side. This had also led to scientist’s interest in understanding the exact genetic transmission modes that lead to this condition.

Diabetes Patients Report Excessive Sweating

Diabetes is a condition that can lead to nervous system damage related to low blood sugars. For the diabetic patients, this could be a sign of poor diabetes maintenance. Note that low blood sugar is one of the reasons why patients will experience this excessive sweating. This is because of the flight or fight response that triggers the release of hormones increasing sweating.

Medical research has established that when blood sugars are too high, this leads to nerve function failure a condition that is known as diabetic neuropathy. According to the American Diabetes Association, about half of people with diabetes experience neuropathy conditions. When this occurs, the nerves will send wrong alerts or fail to send any leading to excessive sweating or in some cases no sweating at all.

Injuries to Nervous System or Suffering of Nervous System

The consequences of injuries on the nervous system are related to how a diabetic condition can lead to excessive sweating due to neuropathy. For better understanding, it is important to note that neuropathy is a condition that affects nerves and therefore leading to poor functioning. One of the causes of neuropathy is an injury on the nervous system. Whenever there is an injury, it will lead to sweating in the areas that are affected. The sympathetic nerves on the sympathetic structures could lead to excessive sweating in case they are injured.

Obesity Leads to Excess Sweating

Obese people will experience sweaty hands and feet as well as sweaty armpits. The excessive sweating is due to increase in body temperatures in the body as a result of excess fats. The obese people will face difficulties in controlling body temperatures and therefore one of the reasons causing them to sweat excessively. Further, note that obese is classified as having too much body fat which is often marked at BMI of 30 or higher. Therefore the body induces sweating as a natural response to shedding off the excess fats which could be excessive in some patients.

Thyroid Disorders Lead to Excessive Sweating

The thyroid gland is located in front of the neck and one of the critical roles in controlling the body metabolism. Hyperthyroidism is a condition that leads to an overactive thyroid gland leading to excessive thyroid hormone. This then will lead to increase in the speed of the body processes leading to excess nervousness, anxiety, and a rapid heartbeat. When these occur in the body, excess sweating is one of the consequences which is as a result of excess heat produced by the already overactive body organs. Fortunately, this is a condition that can be treated. Doctors will conduct a physical examination and blood tests that measure the levels of the thyroid stimulating hormone before treating the condition.

Excessive Sweating Due To Cancers

Excessive Sweating Due To Cancers

Male and female patients with cancer could experience excessive sweating. What causes excessive sweating in cancer patients? First, it is important to understand that sweating is one of the symptoms of cancer conditions. This is common in patients diagnosed with bone cancer and liver cancer. People with any type of advanced cancer could also experience sweating. Chemotherapy sessions could also lead to excessive sweating especially at night. Lymphoma and leukemia conditions lead to excessive sweating in some patients. This excess sweating is also linked to carcinoid tumors and adrenal tumors.

Food Reactions as a Cause of Excessive Sweating

There are various foods that will lead to excess sweating. Good examples include fatty and processed foods, high-fat milk, caffeinated drinks, hot pepper, and soup, among others. These foods are known to increase the body temperature and the best response from the body is inducing sweating to get rid of the excess heat.

This type of sweating is often referred to as gustatory hyperhidrosis and can be very embarrassing. The best treatment for this type of sweating can be avoiding such foods. However, this might be difficult especially if this is your favorite food. Seeking medical treatment can be an alternative. When you eat these foods, it is important to ensure you wear light clothes so that the excess heat is easily released leading to cooling of the body faster. Also taking a shower after eating these foods will help to lose the excess heat.

Are you experiencing excessive sweat? Do you know what causes excessive sweating in your body? It is very important to visit a medical doctor who will examine you for any of the above causes of excessive sweating. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that will not cause you to sweat more and that will easily absorb the excess sweat. It is also important to change bed sheets regularly if you experience excessive sweating at night.