Top 5 Natural Energy Boosters

Some of us live in a constant prison of fatigue, unable to muster up the energy to accomplish all of the tasks we want to do in our lives. Years roll around and we feel disappointed that we cannot accomplish our goals due to a lack of energy. This is why it is essential that you begin to reclaim your body’s energetic capacity. While there are drugs (even some narcotics) out there which can help you overcome a dearth of energy, natural energy boosters are always the best because they can be relied upon on a long-term basis without having any negative impact on your health. Remember that reduced healthiness will also decrease energy levels drastically, so we should avoid anything which harms our bodies.

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The first energy booster on this list is simply coffee. Most people already know of the link between caffeine and higher energy, but did you know that it is frequent low doses of caffeine that are more effective than caffeine-rich espressos or energy drinks? Regular coffee made from normal coffee beans is the best way to keep yourself moving at a brisk pace all day.


Getting away from food products, the light of the sun can serve as a boost to energy if you are working from inside of a dark place. This is especially true of the winter months when it can be much harder to get adequate sunlight if you work indoors. If you feel your level of vim to be low, then take a step outside and at least look at the sunlight for a short amount of time before resuming work.

Jump Squats as a Fat Burning ExerciseExercise

Going outside can help in more ways than one. Exercise in any of its forms is a natural energy booster. It doesn’t matter whether this exercise comes from taking a walk outside or from lifting some weights you happen to keep around your work area, exercise will usually wake you up. In fact, it is recommended that insomniacs not engage in any type of exercise two hours from their designated sleep time lest they find it more difficult to fall asleep.

Tough & Crunchy FoodsTough & Crunchy Foods

This exercise can also come from unexpected sources. It is not only jogging or bodybuilding that increases your energy but so is simply eating foods that are tough or crunchy. Things law raw carrots or jicama are a challenge for your jaw to process and send down to your digestive system, so they are good sources of energy apart from being healthy foods in their own right.

How Long Should A Nap Be

Power Nap

Finally, the best way to naturally refill your energy level is to take a so-called siesta or “power nap” if you have the time for it. This means sleeping in the middle of your day for thirty minutes to half an hour. Of course, you should also be getting a good night’s sleep every night. Nothing can replace the full six to eight hours of sleep (depending on your body’s particular needs) that will recharge your body every night fully in preparation for each long day ahead of you.

How Long Should A Nap Be