Top 10 White Tea Benefits

Top 10 White Tea Benefits

Tea has found popularity all-over the globe in the past century owing to its calming and relaxing properties. It has become a common gesture to offer tea to guests whenever they pay a visit to our house. This gesture stems not only from our courtesy towards them but also from scientific benefits owing to the role a cup of tea can play for the betterment of one’s health. There are several popular types of tea which is available to us depending on the processing and harvesting time. One such tea which has been harvested and processed at a much earlier time when even its leaves were not fully open and the buds were found to be covered with white threads is called white tea.  White tea is native to China which has found popularity all-over the world in recent times owing its ability to fight diseases and promote sound health. They are found to be particularly rich in polyphenic compounds which are anti-oxidant in nature and are found to be very beneficial for the elimination of free radicals. Free radicals are the primary agents which are responsible for the deterioration of our body functions and the ability of white tea to counter them is a huge thing in itself. Moreover, the anti-oxidant properties of white tea give them anti-cancer properties which can help them act as a deterrent to cancer. The catechins in white tea can also help in the maintenance of important blood parameters like blood sugar and blood pressure levels. It is also known to possess potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help us in relief from pain owing to several different reasons. They are known to contain tannins and flavonoids which can promote a sound oral health by prevention of plaque and inhibition of plaque-causing bacteria. Some of the white tea benefits are as follows:

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White Tea

Rich in Antioxidants

White tea is a rich source of catechins which come from plant-based molecules called polyphenols. They are anti-oxidant in nature and can play an effective role in the elimination of free-radicals. Free radicals are primarily responsible for aging which leads to deterioration of our body’s functions. White tea benefits also include prevention of various harmful diseases that are generally triggered by the activity of the free-radicals. Moreover, it is equally capable of countering inflammation in human skin which has made it very popular as a brew amongst a large majority of population all-round the globe.

It Helps Prevent Cancer

Owing to its ability to eliminate free radicals, white tea can not only help fighting cancer but also play the role of a deterrent equally effectively. The presence of anti-oxidants and flavonoids in white tea possesses qualities that can stop the spread of cancer arresting the growth of cancer cells. White tea benefits include high success rates in the fight against stomach, colon, and prostate cancer are given the horrific nature of the disease. The brew has potent anti-cancer properties that it acquires owing to the presence of its anti-oxidant components.

White Tea Benefits

It Helps Promote Healthy Skin 

White tea benefits also include an astounding ability to promote clear and healthy skin. Free radicals can play a villainous nature in tampering with our skin texture. Its effects get multiplied on exposure to the sun or when under a lot of stress. They are the primary agents that tend to initiate the process of aging which eventually takes away our youthful glow. The polyphenol compounds in white tea are anti-oxidant in nature and promote elimination of free radicals from our system. Moreover, they not only play the role of a protector but can also reverse the skin damages which have already been done by the free radicals.

White Tea Benefits

It is Highly Beneficial for the Heart

White tea is known to possess a unique ability to purify our body fluid. On regular consumption of white tea, it can play a subtle role in the thinning of our blood which prevents the cholesterol levels from rising to alarming levels. With the rise of LDL cholesterol levels in our blood, they tend to obstruct the flow of blood in the blood vessels which may lead to harmful cardiovascular diseases in the future. Doctors have suggested consumption of white tea up to three times a day in order to reduce the chances of a possible heart attack. White tea benefits have received accolades all-round the globe due to its astounding blood thinning ability that has proven to be a deterrent against possible heart-attacks.

It Helps Fight Diabetes

Diabetes has become a common problem in present times spanning several households. High blood sugar levels can restrict our food habits drastically as not maintaining the same can bring about other complexities. People suffering from type-2 diabetes have to inject insulin externally in order to ensure maintenance of the normal blood sugar level. Though there are several natural agents that can help us in keeping diabetes under control, one of the most effective agents that must make the list of best possible deterrents is the use of white tea for the purpose. White tea benefits include helping the pancreas in production of insulin that can slowly and steadily play an effective role in bringing down our blood sugar level.

White Tea

Boosts the Immune System

White tea benefits include aiding the immune system. Owing to the presence of high levels of catechins as active components, they are considered as great antibacterial substances. With the immune system of the body getting stronger, the body can fight against airborne viruses that can prevent our falling ill frequently. Moreover, due being anti-oxidant in nature, it can ensure elimination of free radicals which further helps in boosting the immune system.

It Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

White tea benefits also include anti-inflammatory properties that can help us in relief of pain caused due to several factors. People suffer from pain and body aches due to various reasons with rheumatoid arthritis being considered the most common problem. Research has shown white tea extracts to play the role of a capable agent in countering the effects of rheumatoid arthritis that can successfully alleviate body aches.

Can Be Beneficial to the Kidneys

Catechins present in white tea is considered to be very beneficial for the kidneys. A polish study which was conducted in the year of 2015 had shown white tea to possess the capability to reverse the effects of environmental pollution on the body which includes the kidneys as well. White tea benefits include playing a vital role in the prevention of formation of kidney stones owing to being anti-oxidant in nature.

Good for Oral Health

The presence of fluorides, flavonoids, and tannins as active components of white tea make it a great agent for our oral health. A study in India had shown white tea to successfully reduce caries. Tannins can successfully inhibit plaque formation. The growth of plaque bacteria can be successfully countered with the help of flavonoids. A noteworthy advantage of white tea is that it contains small amounts of tannins which does not discolor our teeth like other herbal teas containing tannins. White tea benefits have included its use in toothpaste which can play a special role in enhancing the antiviral and antibacterial effects of the toothpaste.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Amongst the white tea benefits, one of the most beneficial aspects is its ability to reduce blood pressure. People suffering from hypertension must drink white tea regularly to keep their blood pressure levels in check. People countered with higher blood pressures have to remain cautious at all times as on increasing above the permissible limit he or she might fall prey to a stroke. As the blood pressure remains high, there are several other side-effects like headaches and hallucinations that may be associated with the condition. Experts have given high recommendations for use of white tea for getting out of such scenarios.

Top 10 White Tea Benefits