Top 10 Holy Basil Benefits

Holy basil, also known as tulsi, is widely known for having therapeutic and healing capabilities. For many centuries, it has been used by the ancient Indians as a medicine for different illnesses. Today, holy basil is regarded as an anti-stress agent that is effective in improving one’s overall health. Some of the best holy basil benefits include treating anxiety, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and acne. There are also researches and studies pointing out that holy basil has positive effects on the immune system, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, and reproductive system.

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What is Holy Basil?

Holy basil comes from the Indian subcontinent but has already spread throughout the Southeast Asian countries. Its Sanskrit name is Tulsi consisting of green or purple leaves and exhibiting a strong aroma. Holy basil is regarded as a sacred and spiritual herb in India that has healing powers for the body. This herb is often consumed as a tea or taken as supplements. Here are the top 10 holy basil benefits that will help promote better health.

Top 10 Holy Basil Benefits

Holy Basil Benefits for Your Skin

Holy basil can be used topically for your skin. One of the best holy basil benefits is its antimicrobial properties that can be good for your skin. It is usually combined with other ingredients such as mustard oil or lemon juice to treat acne, skin irritations, and eczema. Holy basil contains eugenol, which is known to fight many skin disorders. Research has shown that holy basil can cure acne. When using holy basil topically, it is better to combine it with coconut oil to help the holy basil absorb into your skin. You can also use olive oil as your carrier oil, which is also another easy to absorb oil for the skin.

Holy Basil for Lowering Stress

Holy basil benefits can help keep you in a state of calmness, thus lowering your stress and relieving anxiety. The antioxidants in holy basil are unique because it provides a calming and stress-reducing effect. Unlike other foods that are loaded with antioxidants, they don’t offer the same calming effect. Holy basil gets its stress-reducing properties from its adaptogens. They are called adaptogens because they have the ability to adapt their functions to what the body specifically needs at that time.

Stress is a natural response of the body to cope with the problems and challenges that you face every day. The body releases stress hormones that give you more energy and strength to deal with the problem. Stress is supposed to put you in a fight or flight state. However, stress can become a problem when it becomes chronic. Continuous production of stress hormone can be damaging to your body. Holy basil can help enhance the body’s response to many types of stress and reduce the stress hormone levels in the body. According to studies, holy basil can relieve both physical stress and emotional stress. It is important to remember that holy basil cannot alter mood but optimize the function of the body during stress. In order to reap the holy basil benefits of lowering stress, you can drink it as a tea, or you can buy a concentrated extract in capsule form.

Holy Basil Benefits for Curing Fever

Holy Basil Benefits for Curing Fever

Holy basil benefits can cure flu and fever because it has antibiotic, fungicidal, and germicidal properties. It protects the body from infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The cause of fever is usually from bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Holy basil can destroy all these pathogens that can be harmful to the body and cause the infections. It is also an old practice in India to use holy basil leaves and its flowers to quickly heal someone who is suffering from high fever.

There have also been studies showing that holy basil can boost and strengthen the immune system, making your body stronger against illnesses. One study found that participants who took holy basil leaf extract have more T-helper cells and increased IL-4, which indicates a healthier and stronger immune system.

Holy Basil for Mouth Health

You can use holy basil benefits to improve the health of your mouth. The powerful antimicrobial properties of holy basil can help treat gum and teeth problems such as bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. Holy basil can also help eliminate mouth ulcers and lower the risk of developing oral cancer cells.

A study made two years ago revealed that holy basil was very effective in eliminating periodontal pathogens, while another study found that holy basil can fight gingival inflammation and dental plaque. Holy basil fights the bacteria that cause dental cavities and tartar. Its powerful astringent properties keep the gums stronger and healthier to hold the teeth together. However, holy basil also contains mercury, which can harm your teeth if it is kept in direct contact for a long period of time. Therefore, you should avoid chewing holy basil leaves.

In order to take advantage of the holy basil benefits for treating gum disease and bad breath, you can use it as a mouthwash. You can make a holy basil tea and swish it around your mouth, or you can make a paste made with holy basil leaves and water. Apply the paste directly to the gums or teeth. You can also add a few drops of holy basil essential oil to your toothpaste for a more natural dental care.

Holy Basil Benefits for Fighting Cancer

Holy Basil for Fighting Cancer

Holy basil benefits include fighting and preventing cancer. Studies have shown that those who consume holy basil have lowered their risk of developing cancer cells. According to the research, holy basil contains phytochemicals such as rosmarinic acid, eugenol, apigenin, β-sitosterol, luteolin, myretenal, and carnosic acid, which can prevent chemical-induced cancer of the lungs, mouth, skin, and lungs. These phytochemicals are capable of inducing cancer cell death, increasing antioxidant activity, and stopping the growth of blood vessels that contribute to the growth of cancer cells. It can also prevent metastasis or the spreading of cancer from one area or body organ to another.

There have been several studies and research using holy basil as a treatment for tumors. Many tests have shown positive results, which makes holy basil a good potential source for anticancer compounds in the coming years. Experts claim that holy basil uses its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties to lower the risk of cancer. People who consume holy basil or tulsi on a regular basis are less susceptible to developing cancer cells.

Holy Basil for Providing Vitamin K

Holy basil is a great source of vitamin K. If you are at risk of vitamin K deficiency, then you need to take advantage of the holy basil benefits. Vitamin K is very important because it helps maintain the proper health of your bones and heart. It plays a huge role in bone mineralization and blood clotting. Vitamin K is also involved in keeping a healthy metabolism, maintaining proper brain function, and cellular health. You only need 1 cup of holy basil to provide you with more than your daily recommended dosage of vitamin K.

Holy Basil for Treating Respiratory Disorders

Holy basil contains powerful compounds such as camphene, cineole, and eugenol, which helps relieve congestion and other respiratory disorders. It can cure bacterial, fungal, and viral infections that affect the respiratory system. Using the holy basil essential oil can also cure severe respiratory problems such as chronic and acute bronchitis.

Holy basil benefits contain anti-asthmatic properties to help keep you breathing easier. It contains loads of phytonutrients and minerals that cure most of the causes of asthma. Holy basil essential oil can help prevent any lung disorders because it is rich in vitamin C and other compounds such as eugenol, camphene, and cineole. These healing compounds can be beneficial in treating damaged lungs caused by too much smoking and tuberculosis. It can also lower the risk of developing lung cancer. Holy basil has antibiotic properties that can even fight and treat tuberculosis.

Holy Basil for Relieving Headache

If you constantly experience migraines or headaches, you can use holy basil as a natural remedy. Holy basil benefits include relieving sinus pressure, which helps get rid of headaches and migraine. It is recommended to add a few drops of holy basil essential oil to a diffuser to diffuse the vapors in your home. You can also create your own holy basil tea or tulsi tea and drink it to reduce the throbbing pain in your head.

Holy Basil for Preventing Kidney Stones

Holy Basil for Preventing Kidney Stones

Holy basil benefits can prevent kidney stones because it has mild diuretic and detoxifying properties. This helps reduce uric acid, which is the main cause of kidney stones. Being mild diuretic, holy basil prevents kidney stones by increasing the frequency of urination. Plus, the acetic acid in holy basil facilitates in getting rid of the kidney stones. Holy basil also exhibits painkiller properties that help dull the pain as the kidney stones are eliminated.

Holy Basil for Eye Care

You can use holy basil benefits for taking care of your eyes. It is recommended to wash your eyes with leaves of holy basil soaked in water. This will help treat eye problems caused by bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. It can treat conjunctivitis, eye inflammation, boils, and other eye problems. Holy basil can also protect the eyes from free radical damages that could cause severe problems such as macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and vision defects.