Top 10 chickpeas Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Top 10 chickpeas Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Chickpeas which are also known as garbanzo beans are one of the oldest crops consumed in the world and finds its place in many traditional diets. They are used in cuisines all over the world which include Middle East, Mediterranean and even African nations. Chickpeas nutrition can help fight various kinds of diseases and complications. They are effective in maintaining the blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. They can also enhance the look of an individual as they can prevent hair loss and also promotes weight loss. Chickpeas benefits also include enhancing vision as they can help maintain the health of our mucous membranes. It is quite easy to incorporate them into our daily diet as we can have them separately or can add them to any preparation in our day to day diet. Some of the health benefits of chickpeas are as follows:

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Chickpeas – Powerhouse of Nutrients

Chickpeas are truly super amazing. They are a perfect combination of a proper caloric and nutritional content. One cup of chickpeas (about 200 grams) contains just 268 calories. In addition to fewer calories, the presence of various nutrients and considerable fiber makes it a must-have in our dietary regime. The caloric and nutritional content of chickpeas are as follows: Caloric Content (3.55 ounce/100 grams):
164 kilocalories
27.42 grams of carb including 7.6 grams of dietary fiber
8.86 grams of protein
2.59 grams of fat (polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated – in the order of decrement)
Nutritional content (3.55 ounces/100 grams):
Manganese – 84% DV
Folate – 71% DV
Copper – 29% DV
Phosphorous – 28% DV
Iron – 24% DV
Magnesium – 20% DV
Zinc – 17% DV
Potassium – 14% DV
Thiamin – 13% DV
Vitamin B6 – 11% DV
Selenium – 9% DV
Calcium – 8% DV
Vitamin K – 8% DV
Riboflavin – 6% DV 

Helps Lower Cholesterol

Chickpeas are very effective for people who have a high cholesterol level. They contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber contained in chickpeas is super-effective in lowering LDL levels. LDL is considered the “bad cholesterol” in the body which is responsible for the reduction in the rate of blood flow by the formation of structures in the blood vessels. As the path of blood gets obstructed, the heart has to pump more resulting in its weakening. This can ultimately lead to an untimely heart-attack. The calorie content is low and the presence of insoluble fiber in chickpeas makes it an attractable proposition for patients having high cholesterol levels. A recently conducted research had shown that chickpeas possess the power to reduce cholesterol levels even more in comparison to other dietary supplements which contain high fiber level.


Promotes Weight Loss

Benefits of chickpeas include controlling body weight. People obsessed with their body weight have to stick to a strict dietary chart. Chickpeas having a high content of fiber can control an individual’s appetite and quench for more food. 1 cup of chickpeas contains just 269 calories but can suffice your daily value of fiber and 30% of your protein. Both of these is essential for monitoring the insulin that causes our body to store fat. It imparts a feeling of fullness in us and prevents snacking in between meals.

Chickpeas Protects the Skin

The population residing in the hot and sunny areas of the globe must develop a habit of consuming chickpeas. They can act as a shield against the harmful rays of the sun and pollutants that may cause harm to our skin. Chickpeas contain the mineral magnesium in high amounts which function as anti-oxidants in skin cells. Just one cup of chickpeas can fulfill the magnesium requirement of the body by up to 85%.The presence of magnesium in chickpeas makes it a natural sunblock. They can prevent damage from UV rays of the sun which helps in prevention of rashes. Boil some peas and make a paste out of it. Applying this paste to the skin can help clear all the dead cells and dirt that have accumulated on the skin due to pollution. However one must not scrub the paste too hard on the skin as it can remove all the essential oils present in our facial skin.

Aides in Digestion

Benefits of chickpeas include aiding the digestive system. It possesses a unique ability to prevent stomach infection if taken on a regular basis. They can help in cleansing of the digestive system by fighting off the germs and bacteria present in the digestive tract. Chickpeas are also capable of preventing complications due to a bowel movement. They can significantly improve our digestive processes and gift us with a life which is fit and healthy. The importance of chickpeas in our diet can be established by the fact that doctors recommend 40% of our diet must come from fiber-rich foods and chickpeas being rich in fiber would make it an ideal choice for selection.


Chickpeas – Immunity Booster

Chickpeas are a combination of various unique nutrients required by the body. Moreover being a fiber-rich food the benefits of chickpeas are quite astonishing. It can neutralize common cold quite effectively for which there are no generalized medications present in the market and completely depends on repair and strength of the immune system. They have a high zinc content which can play a major role in curing a common cold. Zinc can effectively inhibit replication of rhinovirus which is the bug primary responsible for cold. A recently conducted study had suggested they can contribute up to 23% and 64% of our body’s daily requirements of zinc and copper respectively.

Chickpeas Controls Blood Sugar Levels

In the 21st century, diabetes has become a common phenomenon. Unfortunately, if we plan on visiting eighty houses in a society, we can find someone with diabetes in most of the households. Increased Levels of blood sugar over a long period of time lead to the development of type2 diabetes. People suffering from diabetes have to maintain a strict dietary regime as the inconvenience of diet can severely increase the risk to the functionalities of the different body organs. In such a condition, food with high nutritional value and fiber are recommended by doctors as it must perform the dual role of not spiking up the sugar level on one hand and providing the body with the required nutrients on the other. The benefits of chickpeas in such a condition rest upon the fact that they digest slowly without spiking up the blood sugar level and lowering hemoglobin A1C levels.

Energy Booster

Of the many benefits of chickpeas, its energy boosting capabilities must find a special mention. One cup of chickpeas is capable of fulfilling the copper and iron requirement of the body by 64% and 26% respectively. Both these minerals in partnership can play an effective role in revitalizing the energy levels of the body. They kind of work as a tag team as iron needs copper to blend with red blood cells to stave off anemia. In the meantime, copper transfers energy from cars to cells and helps preserve the feeling of fullness in us for a longer time-period. With the help of chickpeas, we can keep on raising our energy levels from time to time which makes it an important component that we should add to our every day’s diet.

Chickpeas Helps Prevent Hair Loss

Hair is an important contributor to one’s look. In the absence of hair, we lose our self-confidence and can get into a depression. In order to prevent hair loss at an early stage, we must make some adjustments in our lifestyles and diet.  Chickpeas are very good for our hair health as it is full of wholesome goodness. They not only fight against common hair problems but can also protect the hair against damage from the harmful air pollutants. The benefits of chickpeas also include promotion of hair growth and strengthening hair roots. Though it is quite beneficial for overall hair health we must keep in mind that it may not function with equal effectiveness in case of patients who are suffering from genetic hair-fall.

Good for our Eyes

Chickpeas can be very beneficial for our overall vision. As we age there is a gradual deterioration in our eyesight. Chickpeas are rich in vitamin A content which is an essential element for maintaining the health of our mucous membranes along with our eyesight and skin. A recently conducted research had shown individuals who were given boiled chickpeas over a three-month time-frame were seen to increase their vision significantly. The advantage of adding chickpeas to our diet lies in the fact that we can have them separately or can add them to the food of our liking.

Top 10 chickpeas Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts