Top 10 Benefits of Glycerin

Top 10 Benefits of Glycerin

Glycerin has been used as a part of the beauty industry for the past decade due to its benefits for skin and hair. It has been extensively used as a component for making products such as soap, gels, and moisturizers that finds use in our day to day lives. The primary advantage in the use of glycerin is its role to play the part of humectants that generally prove beneficial in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions. Moreover, it can also play a special role in keeping the skin healthy by keeping it moisturized. Benefits of glycerin have ensured its use in several industries that include pharmaceuticals, food sweetening, and paper industry to name a few. Some of the benefits of glycerin are as follows:

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Top 10 Benefits of Glycerin

Keeps Skin Moisturized

Amongst the benefits of glycerin, one of its most effective uses lies in moisturizing of the skin. Owing to its ability to attract moisture from outside it is considered a great humectant. It also plays the role of an emollient effectively due to its ability to form a protective layer on the skin that can help in holding onto the moisture. As a result of these activities, the skin remains soft, smooth and well-hydrated. Glycerin was found to be a suitable alternative to a cream of urea and sodium chloride combination in treating atopic dry skin in a case study published in the magazine Acts Dermaco Venereologica in the year 2002. We just need to leave it on the skin for a few hours before rinsing off with Luke warm water. Repetition of the process at least 2 to 3 times a week can produce suitable results.

Tones Your Skin

Glycerin can also be considered as one of the best toners for our skin. It is particularly helpful for dry skin due to its ability to keep the skin hydrated. It can also play an effective role in maintaining the ph of the skin which in turn can help in reduction of blemishes and scarring. We just need to prepare a solution using one tablespoon of glycerin and two tablespoons of rose water. Once thoroughly mixed, the content must be transferred to a spray bottle and is ready for use. The toner must be used on the face before application of a moisturizer. We may find suitable results on repetition of these steps daily.


Keeps Feet Crack-Free

Amongst the benefits of glycerin, one of its most famous uses is to keep the feet crack-free. Glycerin is considered to be immensely beneficial in reclaiming baby-soft feet and keeping them from drying out and cracking. Owing to its property of a natural humectant, it can help lock in moisture and retain it for a long time. The simplest way to prevent our heels from cracking is to keep it moisturized all the time. In order to use glycerin for our heels, we have to soak our feet in lukewarm water mixed with soap for at least five minutes. We must now gently scrub our feet to remove the dead skin cells before the final application of glycerin. Repetition of these steps on a regular basis can go to a large extent in the reduction of cracks within a short time-span.

Makes Lips Soft and Supple

Amongst the benefits of glycerin, another very effective use is its ability to maintain soft and supple lips.  Moreover, it can also play a profound role in getting rid of dead skin cells that further helps in repair of our lips. In order to use glycerin for our lips, we have to mix equal amounts of rose-water and glycerin. Using this combination can go to a large extent in relieving us from problems related to our lips. Alternatively, we may also use a combination of lemon juice, honey, and glycerin. We may achieve our long desired wish of attaining soft and pink lips on use of this combination.

Cures Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers can prove to be an irritant in our day to day lives. We even have to maintain a sense of caution while food consumption as it may cause a severe burning sensation. Glycerin can be considered an effective agent in getting us out of such situations. The several benefits of glycerin include antiseptic and healing properties that can play a special role in fighting microbes which are primarily responsible for such a situation. Moreover, the area also tends to remain more moistened that helps us get relief from the utter discomfort. On dabbing a little vegetable glycerin on the area can give us quick relief from the situation. Repetition of these steps three to four times a day can help us deal with the situation in times of crisis.


Improves Psoriasis & Eczema

Benefits of glycerin also include getting rid of conditions like psoriasis and eczema which are considered to be quite irritating and uncomfortable skin problems. Use of glycerin helps prevents moisture loss which in turn can help in strengthening of skin’s barrier function. It can successfully prevent inflammatory problems that ultimately lead to conditions like psoriasis and eczema by keeping away the harmful toxins from our skin.  We must not forget to dilute water with water in the ratio 1:1. Once ready we can apply with a cotton ball. Leaving the solution on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes can help us counter the situation in a very short span of time.

Prevents Skin Aging

Amongst the benefits of glycerin, another very effective benefit is its ability to prevent skin aging. Glycerin is considered as an excellent proposition for prevention of wrinkles and maintenance of smooth skin owing to it humectants and moisturizing properties. In order to use glycerin for the purpose, we need to create a mixture of glycerin and Vitamin E oil. Once ready we simply require massaging the oil for at least fifteen minutes before rinsing it off after fifteen minutes.

Glycerin Brightens Your Nails

Brightens Your Nails

Excessive use of nail polish can make our nails look dry and dull taking away the shine. Benefits of glycerin include lubrication properties that can help in retention of moisture brightening our nails. It also possesses a significant ability to strengthen our nails which has led to its use in commercial nail hardeners. We require mixing rose water and 3% hydrogen peroxide in a bowl before adding one tablespoon of glycerin to the solution. The solution must be left on the nails for at least ten minutes before rinsing it off using lukewarm water.

Use in a Homemade Makeup Setting Spray

Makeups have become an integral part of our life before going out. Unfortunately, most people are in the habit of using a makeup setting sprays that can cause more harm than good due to being loaded with chemicals. We can avoid such situation by making a home-made makeup spray that can prevent cracks from forming. We first need to prepare a solution using one tablespoon of rose water, one teaspoon of lemon juice and two drops of glycerin that can perform the role of a makeup quite effectively. The good thing about the whole activity is that there are no side-effects related to it, eliminating any possibility of skin damage. Optionally we may also add the contents of vitamin E capsule to the mixture to better the results. The benefits of glycerin come in handy while preparing our homemade makeup setting spray.

Prevents Dry and Frizzy Hair

Benefits of glycerin also include getting rid of frizz from the hair. Frizz in the hair is generally the outcome of the hair remaining dry that eventually leads to hair breakage and hair loss. The hair also requires higher moisture content just like our skin and glycerin can help us achieve our goal for the purpose. The process requires simply massaging our damp hair with glycerin for a few minutes. Once left for a few minutes we can wash our hair. Repetition of these steps for two to three times a day can aid in recovery from the damage in a significantly less amount of time.