Top 10 Benefits of Almond Milk

Top 10 Benefits of Almond Milk

Almond milk can serve as an ideal alternative to dairy milk. There are several individuals who have an allergy towards dairy and soy products in which case almond milk can come to the fray. It has a perfect content of important vitamins and minerals which is optimum for an individual’s needs. People suffering from inconveniences related to the kidney are prone to more damage on consumption of dairy milk due to the presence of minerals like phosphorous and calcium in high percentages. In such scenarios consumption of almond milk can perfectly suit their requirement. Moreover, on regular intake of almond milk, the veins in our body expand and contract properly enabling the body fluid to flow without restrictions. This very activity can help in reduction of blood pressure. Almond milk is equally effective in skin care and playing an important role in the improvement of our optical vision. Use of almond milk can also boost up our immune system which can prevent germs and microorganisms from entering the body responsible for serious health ailments. It is an able substitute for infants devoid of mother’s milk. Almond milk on regular use can also help in the prevention of prostate cancer owing to its ability to suppress the growth of LNCaP prostate cancer cells. The oil is high in fiber and energy but significantly lower in fats which are an added plus in maintenance of proper body weight. It contains all the important nutrients that are needed for maintenance of proper body functions which include minerals like phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium and zinc and vitamins like Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate and Vitamin E. Some of the benefits of almond Milk are as follows:

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Reduces Blood Pressure

Benefits of almond milk include playing an important role in reduction and maintenance of blood pressure. Almond milk finds preference amongst people having intolerance toward dairy and soy products. Almonds milk contains most minerals and vitamins that we may obtain from soy and dairy products. Almond milk is particularly rich in vitamin D and phosphorous which are the essential components for proper expansion and contraction of the veins in order for the blood to flow properly. If the movement of blood through the veins is hampered, it may often result in high blood pressure eventually leading to a stroke. Almond milk can perform the role of an able source of nutrients to ensure an obstruction-less flow of blood that can keep the blood pressure under check.

Maintains Healthy Heart

Benefits of almond milk also include playing a constructive role in maintaining a healthy heart. Almond milk is generally cholesterol free that can aid the entire process of keeping the heart healthy. Moreover, research has shown almond milk consumption to significantly reduce risks related to coronary heart diseases. It may be considered as a potent choice for consumption in comparison to other foods which elevate the cholesterol levels in the blood that may eventually lead to life-threatening cardiovascular ailments. Potassium in almond milk act as a vasodilator that can play a significant role in reducing tension and strain on the heart.

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Improves Kidney Health

Minerals like potassium and calcium pose a threat to our kidneys if present in excess amounts. The advantage in consumption of almond milk lies in its balanced content of minerals like phosphorous and calcium which is not the case for other soy and dairy products. It can play the role of playing a balanced nutrition to the body without incurring any harmful side-effects in the process. People suffering from chronic kidney inconveniences must be really careful in their use of dairy or soy milk and the choice of almond milk can be considered the best bet for them. Benefits of almond milk include maintaining just the right proportion of nutrition to the body negating the other side-effects.

Strengthens Muscles

Muscle building can receive a considerable boost in the right selection of food. A dietary regime that can provide us with the right concentration of the various vitamins and minerals prove detrimental in our efforts to achieve a well-toned body. Almond milk benefits include the presence of a form of vitamin B called riboflavin as a part of its content that can work in conjunction with other nutrients promoting muscle strength and growth. With the muscles getting stronger and healthier, the body develops a characteristic to better repair and maintain itself.


Skin Care

Benefits of almond milk also include maintaining a healthy skin. The skin generally requires a proper mix of nutrients in order to maintain its optimal state. They are known to contain a significant amount of vitamin E that can play a major role in maintaining healthy skin. In addition to vitamins, it is loaded with anti-oxidants that can assist in repairing damaged skin. Almond milk is also known to regulate vitamin A that can also contribute significantly to skin health. Almond milk is often used as a skin cleansing lotion in a combination with rose water. Read more – Top 10 Health Benefits of Almond Oil

Improves Vision

Owing to being rich in nutrients, benefits of almond milk also include proper functioning of the eyes. The modern age has seen extensive use of laptops and cell phones which have placed our eyes in the line of fire. In order to counter such situations, we must ensure that we are in the regular habit of intake of vitamin A so that the vision remains intact. Almond milk is a very rich source of vitamin A and its inclusion as a part of our diet can help us counter such a situation. Benefits of almond milk include prevention of macular degeneration and also maintenance of proper retinal health.

Strengthens Bones

Almond milk benefits include strengthening of bones and tooth owing to a rich presence of calcium as its content. Presence of calcium in our body is of unequivocal importance as it serves the body in several ways which include clotting of blood, relaxing muscles, and maintenance of a normal heartbeat. Infants must also develop a habit of having almond milk as it can significantly impact strengthening of bones in the younger years. In case of older people, it can reduce risks of osteoporosis to a large extent. Almond milk can suffice up to 30% of our daily calcium requirement and it works in conjunction with other vitamins and minerals that can last well into our old age.

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Anti-cancer Properties

Almond milk benefits for health include potent anti-cancer properties. Studies have proven almond milk to play an important role in suppressing the growth of LNCaP prostate cancer cells which are known to be generally stimulated by the consumption of cow milk. We must always consider the advice of a physician before deciding on the use of a particular agent that may prove beneficial for the treatment of a particular type of cancer.

Boosts Immunity

Almond milk benefits also include providing a much-needed boost for our immunity. The vitamin and mineral content of the almond milk can not only help in maintaining a healthy immune system but can also play a significant role in its improvement. The immune system is the line of defense for our body that generally prevents us from germs and microorganisms that are responsible for diseases and other health ailments. Read more – Top 10 Health Benefits of Almond Oil

Acts as a Substitute for Breast Milk

For a baby, his mother’s milk is of prime importance as it contains all the vital vitamins and nutrients for proper maintenance of body functions. We often come across situations where the baby cannot feed on his mother’s milk due to some other complications. In such a situation it becomes inevitable to find an alternative that can play a similar role in order to ensure that the normal growth process is not hampered. One such agent that can perform a similar role is Almond milk. Almond milk benefits include acting as a substitute for mother’s milk owing to being a rich source of vitamin C and D in addition to iron. These vitamins and minerals contribute significantly to the growth of infants and are really important for the normal growth process. Almond oil is also rich in protein that makes it the perfect substitute food for the purpose.

Top 10 Benefits of Almond Milk