10 Health Benefits of Beer

Top 10 Health Benefits of Beer

Feeling guilty for having a bottle of beer or two? The beverage has more attributes than it meets the eye. Sure, we probably thank beer for helping us meet our girlfriend or for bringing out our worst dance steps on the dance floor but yes it has been scientifically proven that beer if taken in the right quantity, has several mind-blowing benefits. Here are some benefits of beer which will change our interpretation towards the drink:

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Helps in giving protection against heart disease

In Italy, at Fondazion Di Ricerca a recent research work had shown the risk of heart disease had reduced by 31% who drink one pint of beer daily. Beer contains natural antioxidant phenols which help reduce heart diseases. But the study has also proven that people who drink excess beer are more prone to heart diseases. To be on the safer side we should limit our consumption to one pint which is 5% alcohol by volume. We all must have heard the French paradox that the French have their high-fat diet and have their supernatural high booze drink and yet have a less ratio of heart attacks compared to the other parts of the world. The secret of this success is Red wine and its antioxidants. Guess which beverage can match red wine in terms of antioxidants?? The answer is dark Beer!!So cheers!!

Helps in preventing memory lossHelps in preventing memory loss

Perhaps it is not known to many but the beer is really beneficial and provides protection against memory loss including Alzheimer. A recent research by a team at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine concluded that people who drink optimum amounts of beer have developed immunity against dementia and cognitive impairment by a whopping 21%. Our body contains high amounts of aluminum which are responsible for Alzheimer which can be prevented by the silicon content of beer.

Helps in preventing Diabetes

The beer has another astounding benefit. A study at Harvard University in 2011 had shown that people who drink one to two bottles of beer daily were found resistant to type 2 diabetes by 21%. Beer is found to have increased the insulin sensitivity which plays a role in bringing down the blood sugar levels. Moreover, beer acts as a soluble fiber which is a healthy diet for diabetes. Though the great news is that people who drink beer are less prone to having type 2 diabetes but there is a flip side to it too. Test reports have shown that type 2 diabetes is more common in men who consume too much of the beverage.


It can help prevent kidney stones

Recently, a study in Finland had established the fact that beer helps in prevention of formation of kidney stones due to high water level content. The beverage basically flushes out all the harmful toxins from the body and ensures proper functioning of the kidneys. The compounds in hops used in brewing slow down the erosion of bone calcium which in turn prevents deposition of the same calcium in the kidneys preventing stone formation. In fact, every bottle of beer can reduce the chances of formation of kidney stones by 40%.

It can help minimize the risk of cancer

Beer contains the antioxidant Xanthohumol. It is mainly found in hops. Xanthohumol has anti-cancer properties which help in neutralizing the enzymes responsible for cancer. Beer also reduces the chances of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in females respectively. It has been scientifically proven that beer prevents the chemical reaction which is responsible for preventing prostate cancer. This Xanthohumol stuff has impressed the Germans so much that they have brewed the beverage with extra levels of it.

It can help reduce cholesterol levelsIt can help reduce cholesterol levels

An unorthodox way of reducing cholesterol levels in the blood is by drinking the optimum amount of beer. While brewing beer a barley is used which contains beta-glucans- a soluble fiber which is very effective in reduction of cholesterol levels. There are two types of cholesterol in our bodies HDL or good cholesterol which armor plates our veins and keep things flowing and LDL or bad cholesterol which acts as sludge in the flow of blood through the veins like in our bathtub drain. Drinking beer regularly and moderately will tilt our good and bad cholesterol levels in the right direction. It basically flushes the system and keeps it rejuvenated.


Plays a vital role in maintaining blood pressure levels

A very astonishing fact is that beer is also beneficial in lowering blood pressure levels. According to a research done at Harvard, it has been seen that mid-aged women who had been drinking beer compared to other alcoholic beverages have been successful in reducing blood pressure levels. Though one should keep in mind that in order to keep our blood pressure levels in check one should not drink more than fourteen units of alcohol in a week. One pint of beer contains 2.1 unit of alcohol, so we can easily make our own calculations, whats best for us!

Responsible for stronger bones

A research in tufts had shown people in their old age who had a glass of beer had a higher bone density which in other words means that they had stronger bones, but there is a loop side to it. The same study suggests that people who had more than two glasses of beer had weaker bones and were more susceptible to fractures. Beer contains Silicon content which helps in increasing the bone density if the beverage is taken in a responsible amount. Drinking beer can also help osteoporosis.

Good for the scalp

Beer contains a combination of yeast and vitamin B.It nourishes the scalp if the scalp is rinsed with beer two to three days a week dandruff in the scalp is drastically reduced.The hair also gets extra silky and shiny. In fact, the beneficial effects of beer towards our scalp have inspired the manufacturers of shampoos to manufacture their products in the all-new BEER flavor in order to promote and sell their products on a larger scale!!

It reduces the chance of strokes

An organization by the name of American stroke organist ion have proven the fact that intake of beer by men had reduced their vulnerability to strokes by fifty percent compared to nondrinkers. Blood clots prevent the flow of blood to the neck and to the brain causing ischemic stroke which can be prevented up to a large extent by drinking the optimum amount of beer. The arteries also become flexible and blood flow increases by intake of the beverage. With the increase of flexibility of arteries the chances of blood clot also reduces drastically.